Vaginal Dilator User Guide

Vaginal Dilator User Guide

Vaginal Dilator User Guide

A vaginal dilator can help treat different pelvic pain disorders. The dilator is used as part of vaginal physical therapy. It restores vaginal width, depth, and elasticity. This can help alleviate pain when you use a tampon, during medical examinations, and during intercourse. Recommended after cancer treatment such as radiation therapy and after hysterectomy surgery. 

First and foremost, if you are experiencing pelvic pain during sex, make sure you consult with your gynecologist before using a vaginal dilator. 

Common conditions for using a vaginal dilator

Women of all ages can experience vaginal pain. Women with common conditions such as vulvodynia, menopause, vaginismus, muscle spasms, and atrophy can benefit from using a dilator. A vaginal dilator should be used after gender-affirming procedures (transgender surgery).

A vagina can become less flexible during and after menopause. It can become narrower and even shorter. This also happens after cancer radiation treatments and after pelvic floor disorder surgeries. Vaginismus is also a condition that can cause pelvic pain. The vaginal muscles can contract or spasm during penetration or when using a tampon. Some of the causes of vaginismus could be vaginal trauma from a sexual experience, relationship issues, surgery, and childbirth. 

Common questions before using a dilator

What dilator size should I use? 

Before using a dilator make sure you have been examined by your doctor. They can give you a proper dilator size recommendation. When you have a dilator you can measure the sizing by using your fingers. Start with your pinky finger which is usually the smallest dilator size. 

Vaginal Dilator User Guide
Dilator Sizes

How do I clean it? 

You should always use warm water and soap before and after using the dilator. If you used an alcohol-based sterilizer make sure you rinse any residue before using the dilator. Pat dry it and airing it before storing it in a cotton cloth will keep your dilator safe and will last longer. 

How do I prepare to use a dilator? 

Make sure you find a time during the day where you will feel comfortable and won’t be interrupted. If you feel pressured, using a dilator can become a bad experience. Make sure to use a water-based lubricant on the dilator as well as the outer part of the vagina. Start by lying on your back with your knees bent. If you prefer being on your side, make sure you have a cushion between the knees to help support the upper leg during the dilation exercise. 

Relaxation exercise will help relax you and the vaginal walls. After a few times inhaling and exhaling your vaginal wall will be ready for the dilator. Gently insert the dilator inside your vagina and keep it in. Continue with your breathing exercises for 10-15 minutes. You should repeat your exercise at least twice a day. You can increase the dilator size as you start feeling comfortable with your current size. Remember the goal is to progress the opening of vaginal walls. 

What is the difference between a dilator and a sex toy?

The purpose of a dilator is not sexual pleasure. The dilator is a therapeutic device used without the need for sexual stimulation. A sex toy is designed for pleasure and sexual stimulation. A toy such as a vibrator does not replace a vaginal dilator.