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Hit the G-spot This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s day is the perfect day to explore

No matter if you’re spending valentine’s day solo or with someone, this valentine’s day have fun hitting the g-spot on this day. If you’re like half the women that haven’t explored or experienced g-spot stimulation, please keep reading!! 

I figured why not make pandemic (2021) Valentine’s day a memorable day. If you, like me are staying home during quarantine, this is the perfect time to explore with your body. 

Set the mood with the G-spot

First, set the mood. It is very important you set the mood not only during Valentine’s day but any day you plan to explore with your body. Many say the g-spot is a hard gem to find, and they are right. The g-spot is hard to find because in order to find it you need to be aroused. So if you already tried and the first thing you did was stick your finger and look for it chances are you were not aroused. 

So, where is it? To locate the g-spot you need to insert your finger in your vagina. If you have help ask your partner, if you need help, don’t worry I’ll talk about some amazing toys that can help you out. Guide your finger about an inch or two up and point your finger towards your belly button. When aroused the sensitivity will kick in, the g-spot swells and should feel raised. Some say it feels like a spongy penny-sized bump. If you don’t feel the sensitivity chances are you can’t reach it on your own. 

How does it feel?

Are you wondering what is the magical sensation feeling about the g-spot? Well if you are getting the “I need to pee” sensation then you are there, and keep going. Many women do not like that sensation because of the fear of urinating. In fact, they say that hitting the g-spot can cause the release of fluids which is similar to male semen. Do not panic, go with the flow, and keep going until you can experience the orgasmic release. If you are in the lower part of women statistics of squirting then your welcome you will realize it at that moment.

Best sex positions to hit the g-spot

When trying on your own you can elevate your pelvic area with your knees or by laying on a pillow. This will give you better access to locate your g-spot. Start exploring with your finger if you have a toy available then pay close attention to the different sensations. 

Doggy style or rear penetration can be easy for your partner to take control of the area and have greater success in locating your gem. If you like to be in control then do the reverse cowgirl. Women can expect strong g-spot stimulation as they slide backward and forward or bob up and down on their partner during reverse cowgirl.

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