Discreet Sex Toys

The Best Discreet Sex Toys You Can Hide at Plain Sight

Are you looking for the best discreet sex toys and quiet vibrators on the market? A sex toy is not something that you want everyone in the home to know about it. Importantly, for those with small children that like to go through all your stuff. If you are one of these people that need a discreet sex toy you should read this article. Luckily, sex toys have come a long way since their creation. Nowadays, you have the ability to hide by masquerading as everyday objects.

If you’ve been thinking of getting a discreet sex toy for that special night. I have created a list of my favorite discreet adult toys.

Discreet Sex Toys for Men & Couples

1. Vibrating Lipsticks

Vibrating lipstick is one of the most popular Discreet Sex Toys. A little travel-size clitoral stimulator. These waterproof Hide & Play Lipstick Vibrators are the perfect combination and a bit of magic that’ll fit right in any purse or makeup bag. The dazzling lipstick design with powerful vibrating functions is great for those special moments.

2. Fun Discreet Sex Toys

Fun and innocent-looking Flower and frog vibrators are actually a very naughty discreet accessory. Don’t be fooled by these powerful vibrators hidden in an adorable and fun exterior. Its uniquely designed tip combined with a sensual satin-finish silicone makes it perfect for couples and solo play.

3. The Glitzy Collection

For those who are not familiar with a bullet vibrator, here is a little intro to your next sex toy. It’s an unintimidating, pocket-sized, and easily hidden sex toy. A discreet bullet vibrator is simple to store, and the perfect travel companion. Discover 10 powerful vibration functions packed inside Glitzy Geo’s compact body.

4. Pen Vibrator

Experience the ultimate in discretion with this stylish, thin, polished metal vibrator that looks just like an upscale pen. The passionate Hidden Pleasures bullet is a discreet bullet vibrator packed with rumbling vibrating functions.