Most Common Sexual Fetishes We Like

Common Sexual Fetishes

What is a sexual fetish?

The most common sexual fetishes have to do with body parts like feet, body piercings, or tattoos. With feet being the most common body fetish. Also right behind feet would be body fluid, body size, and hair fetishes. 

A sexual fetish is a sexual excitement or admiration in response to a body part or object. People with fetishes like close physical contact with their fetishes. They will gaze at the object, fondle them, rub them against them, suck on them, and much more.

Sexual fetishes also have to do with what we wear. High heel shoes, sexy costumes, animal dress up or wigs. With what we wear comes the material, like latex, leather, fur, or luxurious satin. 

Take a look at the most common sexual fetishes, and discover yours!

Common Sexual Fetishes

Foot Fetish 

Men with a foot fetish may desire to “worship” feet. The worshiping can involve, feet kissing, licking, and massaging. Another type of foot fetish has to do with the dirtiness of feet and how disgusting it could be in some cultures. For that reason, people with humiliation type foot fetish will like humiliating such part as making their partner smell their dirty feet, wash them or rub them against their face. 

Impact Play

A very common sexual fetish between partners is impact play. This means spanking, paddling, flogging, or consensual striking. This fetish can include objects which can be used to do the impact play like a leather paddle, rope flogger, and whips. The play can range from a light slap on your sweet cheeks and it is often viewed as a safe way of exploring and introducing to BDSM.


This fetish involves the restraining of your partner. It is a form of dominance and submission, which involves acting out with one partner being submissive and one the dominant. The binding or restraining could be done with a belt, rope, tie, or any of the objects the dominant partner most desires. With this fetish comes safe practicing, in BDSM it is very important to set rules and establish a safe word to use when they have reached a point that they need to stop. 

Orgasm Control 

Orgasm control is a small part of BDSM. The dominant partner will establish when the submissive partner can climax. The fun is in making your partner stop each time right at the moment before orgasm. This could be repeated and repeating having someone on edge until the dominant partner is willing to give you the satisfaction of climaxing. 

Role-Playing Fetish

This fetish can involve acting out stories, acting, and playing dress-up. Common types of role-playing could be acting and dressing like a baby. The common boss and assistant, librarian, and student, the list is long with this one you can check out or own role-playing ideas. Other popular role playings can also involve animals, like being a pony, pussy cat, or bad puppy. 

Sensation Play 

Sensation play involves activities based on receiving or withholding pleasure. Like playing with an ice cube rubbing it along our pleasure parts. Blindfolding your partner to deprive them of their sense of sight, leaving everything to the imagination. Pinching the nipples or using nipple clamps can also be a form of sensation play. Candle wax playing is also a way of enjoying a sensation fetish. Other types can involve using feathers, metal, inserting cold or warm items to stimulate the genital areas. 

The most important part of enjoying a kink or one of the most common sexual fetishes is to have consent with your partner. Don’t be afraid of expressing your sexual desires. Being able to communicate with your partner what you most desire can be very beneficial in your relationship. This is as long as this desire is safe for everyone involved.

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