Role-Playing and Fantasies

Role-Playing and Fantasies

Role-Playing and Fantasies

15 Sexy Fun Ideas

We all have a secret fantasy that we would like to try at least once. Trying new things to end the monotony in your long relationship helps by spicing it up. This is where role-playing comes in. First, you have to share with your partner your fantasy and plan for role-playing. You should both be comfortable with the idea. Most importantly all negative thoughts should be removed such as feeling funny or ashamed of acting a fantasy out. 

In fact, role-playing could strengthen your relationship by having a better bond. It can prevent infidelities simply by experiencing the new excitement we usually have when meeting a new person. And it can boost our self-esteem by feeling sexy!

Planning for role-playing is equally important as acting it. Making it feel like the real thing will help fulfill that fantasy. For example, if your fantasy is “Secretary and Boss”. Make sure you are dressed sexy professional and that your partner is wearing a suit. Spice it up change your hairstyle use a wig, use a different makeup for that day. Make yourself be a new sexy character. 

If it’s difficult to come up and agree to an idea you can play a fantasy game. This game will help pick out the fantasy and it’s up to you to do the role-playing.

Sexual Role Play

Role Play
Sexual Role-Play Game

Sexy Fun Role-Playing Ideas

  • Cheerleader and Athlete
  • Housewife and handyman
  • Maid and Boss
  • Photographer and Model
  • Cop and housewife
  • Study buddies
  • Anime Roleplay
  • Master and Slave
  • Professor and Student
  • Escort and Client
  • Doctor and Patient
  • Nurse and Patient
  • Strangers at a bar
  • Movie Characters

No matter what role-playing idea you choose, make sure you have lots of fun. If it’s something you would like to continue doing keep changing characters. Repeating the same role-playing idea several times may become boring later. There are many more ideas to choose from just let your imagination run!