Oral Sex Tips and Tricks

Oral Sex Tips and Tricks

Oral Sex Tips and Tricks

Oral Sex Tips

Gag Reflex, Handy Helpers & Edibles

Many women think that giving a blow job is a real job, however, the following tips and tricks will turn that job into pleasure. A great first tip is to start with a clean slate. Having a nice couples shower or getting yourself ready for the deed can make a great difference when it comes to oral sex. Be comfortable and ready. Having a pillow ready in case you will be kneeling or assigning the right position from your head to his head can make a big difference too. 

Oral Gag Reflex

The complicated part of oral sex starts after you’ve done a few tongue teases and are getting ready to put part if not all of his member inside your mouth. Although the most sensitive part of the penis is in the head, many men have a small fantasy probably obtained by watching some movie of pushing a girl’s head all the way in. All of a sudden you feel tense thinking you’re going to gag or probably did gag and as a result, you cut the fun short.

I suggest you take control of the situation, you may want to tie his hands with some bondage ties, cuffs or restraints. After all, it is said that it will cause a major sense of excitement for him. Another trick is to use a gag spray or gel to desensitize the area. The sprays work wonders since they numb the back of your throat and suppresses the gag reflex to allow a deeper oral penetration without discomfort. Besides the suppression of the gag reflex you can enjoy the different flavors they come in for it to be a real treat. 

Oral Sex Handy Helpers

All the fun does not happen by going in deep. Don’t forget to use your hands to provide pleasure in other areas. Tease with your hands and fingers his scrotum, testicles, and perineum stoping in the areas where you know he is feeling the most pleasure. 

Another tip is to use a penis stroker in combination with oral sex. There are strokers that have a realistic vaginal feel that therefore making him more pleasure. You can get a stroker that has pearls for a better massage and intensify the stimulation. These should be used with your best lubricant, and in this case with an edible lubricant. 

Oral Sex Edibles

As I mentioned an edible lubricant or using a flavored gag-reflex spray or gel will be of great help. But you don’t have to stop all the fun there. You can actually start the fun by using other edibles such as chocolate paint, edible powder, whip cream, and icing. All of these edibles can help remove the taste and smell that we sometimes try to avoid. Something noteworthy is to make sure you use flavored condoms if you’re not permanently dating someone. Ultimately condoms will make you feel more comfortable knowing that you will be avoiding any STDs. 

The final tip is for you to enjoy and get pleasure from what you’re doing. Showing an enjoyable emotion will want to make your partner achieve his big goal. There will be no more bad thinking of oral sex and it will be a job that you will love to do.