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Kegel and Pelvic Exercises

Kegel & Pelvic Exercises

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Kegel & Pelvic exercises help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles support the uterus, bladder, small intestines and rectum. One in three women is affected by pelvic floor issues. And about 70% of pregnant women and new mothers are affected by bladder incontinence. 

As time passes by the pelvic muscles start to weaken. Common stressors would are pregnancy, vaginal birth, c-section, hysterectomy and laughing and coughing. It’s pretty much inevitable to have loose vaginal walls. 

First Kegel Exercise

Any time is a good time to do pelvic exercises. While watching TV, scrolling on your phone or even at work. You can start by squeezing your pelvic floors in for 3 seconds. After you squeeze in you release and repeat for 10 times in a row. You can do these three times a day until you feel comfortable increasing the time. 

Common Kegel Exercise Mistakes

In the past, it has been recommended to do kegel exercises while you pee. Although it is a good idea. It is not good to make it a habit. Doing Kegels while you pee may cause a urinary tract infection. If that was the method you were using you might want to stop now. 

Another mistake is to start kegel exercises after childbirth. It is important to do them before and during pregnancy. It can help reduce pelvic issues that come with pregnancy and giving birth. 

Helpful Kegel Exercisers

If you feel that you might be doing Kegels wrong. You can use kegel balls, vaginal weights or even physical pelvic exercises. The kegel balls can be inserted vaginally. The purpose is to contract your muscles while maintaining the balls inside. This a playful way to do Kegels around your house. 

If you want to increase the exercise intensity and achieve greater sexual pleasure you can use the weighted kegel balls. These come in different sizes to gradually increase the strengthening of the pelvic muscles. 

Kegel and Pelvic Exercises
Kegel Training Mango Set


Women who do kegel exercises regularly should experience good results within a few weeks. You will be able to improve urinary and bowel incontinence. Support bladder control while pregnant. And increase vaginal sensation and experience greater orgasms. This is a secret that you don’t want to keep to yourself. 

Kegel and Pelvic Exercises
Use the following images to guide you for pelvic exercises.